VOACAP Point to Point Prediction

VOACAP point to point prediction

Input your Tx (red needle) location and the desired Rx location (blue needle). VOACAP will plot a probability chart with time and band.

HZ1JW Propagation Map

This tool provided by HZ1JW visualizes the behaviour of the propagation on the HF bands. Besides the information for the daily QSO chances, it is also a great tutorial to understand the interaction of the day-night cycles, the earth magnetosphere and solar activity. This platform is quite useful to show the dead zone.  For the higher bands, the propagation waves are a good graphic tutorial for the hops. I do recommend this tool to explain the HF bands behaviour to ham radio novices.

The results are computed with VOACAPL by HZ1JW
Simply select your QTH, time and band of interest.

Radio Coverage Simulation Platform

This webpage by VE2DBE provides simulations for radio coverage based on public domain geo data. New user has to register. It’s free of charge for radio amateurs.

VE2DBE radio coverage simulation platform